16 January 2006


First, a large set of giant animals terrorizing the globe! There are eleven pages with four images each, and it seemed like they got sillier the further along I got. Like, the first page looks semi-realistic. Then there's one page with a giant cookie monster using the Capitol building as a cookier jar. My two favorites are below:

Only obscurely related, I had an...amazing...meditation session this morning. It's not easy to describe. If it were in a movie, there would be all these switching between normal image and negative image with flashing lights, but that would be both too much and not enough. It was as if I stepped outside the door inside my body, leaving my body transparent and open. Like my body was a window, or an observation room, and "I" stepped into the hallway leading to it. Only "I" didn't have much meaning in that state. It was a word. There was awareness of its usual meaning, and it made no sense. *pauses* That's about as close as I can come to putting it in words. Transparent.

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