30 January 2006


Doing my morning road report check, I ran across this for I84: " icy patches due to icy patches." Oh, good. I'm glad they're not icy patches due to intense sunlight.

One from yesterday (when I finally watched the new episode of Monk): an anger management therapist gives a yo-yo to Stoddlemeier, "No one can stay mad while he's playing with a yo-yo!" Uh...Lady? While yo-yo's may not have started out as weapons, they could still be used that way. All you'd need is a heavy enough reel (as the article points out, putting a sharp blade on it risks self-mutilation).

I might add more if I think of them later.


Aunt Bee said...

There is currently a local commercial that tells about honoring people who selflessly give of themselves. I think they must have gone to the Department of Redundancy Department to find that phrase. These types of things tend to bug me.

Kate, on the other hand, cringes when she sees a perfectly permanent and paid for sign that says something like, "Johns House of Pancakes" or "Antique's". Sign makers should hire editors.

Qalmlea said...

Lol. I complain about things like "0.99 cents". I figure I should give them two pennies (sales tax would be 1.04 cents) and ask for my change.