31 January 2006


My body has decided that it will no longer recognize many of the items I have been eating regularly as "food." It will recognize them as snacks, but not as proper meals. It's going to be annoying until my mind adjusts. Mainly, my body seems to be insisting that it requires more meat. Dairy products are not enough. Almonds/peanuts/etc. are not enough, however much protein they may have. My body has declared that meat is required. Also, fruits and vegetables. It doesn't seem to want simple carbs, at least not in large quantities (I had to argue it into allowing a piece of GF toast with breakfast). It does want some simple sugars, but prefers them in the form of juices or fruit. *sighs* Basically, if I don't give into its demands, I'm going to go through what I did yesterday all the time (being starved every few hours), so I figure it's better to capitulate.

To that end, I cooked sausage, corn on the cob, and the much-argued toast for breakfast. Sausage and toast isn't unusual, though I haven't been having it at breakfast lately. Corn on the cob is unusual for breakfast. But that gnawing, tunnel-vision inducing hunger is calming down, so hopefully that was enough. What does it feel like? Well, imagine a feeling of emptiness to the point of pain in the stomach region. It's hard to focus on anything else, so intense is the sensation. It's making you dizzy. Your vision blurs in and out unless you concentrate, and concentrating makes you hungrier. Sometimes your vision narrows, seeing only what is directly in front of you. You can't think straight. The closest thing to a coherent thought is "Hungry! Food now!", again, unless you really concentrate, which makes you hungrier. You're so hungry that it's difficult to figure out how to end the hunger. If you're lucky, there's something with you that the body recognizes as food. If not, you need to move quickly, and moving makes you hungrier...

All in all, not pleasant to experience once in a day, let alone twice.

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