07 January 2006

Catching Lions...

Crooked Timber has some mathamusical algorithms. They posted a synopsis of a much longer article. Warning: many of these have math/physics prerequisites. Not all of them do, but a large number are otherwise incomprehensible.

Some examples:

"The Schrodinger method: At any given moment there is a positive probability that there is a lion in the cage. Sit down and wait."

"The cartesian method: Take the origin as close as possible to the lion. Then perform rotation operation again and again. Initially, the lion will feel dizzy. Finally it will fall down."

"The time-cop method: Use a time-machine and take the entire Sahara back a few years in time. The lion is just a cub now, and all you need is a mouse-trap."

"The Shakespeare method: Hold the lion still for a moment (I don't care how you do it), and recite Shakespeare`s Hamlet to it. The lion will change from 'To be to Not-to-be'."

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