03 January 2006


This is one of the odder colds I can remember having. I feel much better today, though I am more fatigued than yesterday. So far as I can tell, my immune system kicked into maximumsuperextreme-overdrive yesterday to drive the cold off. This would explain both my restlessness and the extreme fever I wound up with. End result: cold mostly gone, me very tired. I've still got a few minor symptoms, but the remnants of restlessness suggest the ol' immune system is still in high-gear. Not quite as high as yesterday, thankfully.

It was very bizarre. I had muscles aches that I noticed if I sat still, but that went away so long as I was moving. Which meant that it was difficult to get started, but once I was moving it was even more difficult to stop. I have my mom to thank for this particular cold... I don't think she figured out the part about things hurting less if you were moving, but she's over that stage now. It took her longer, but I've found that doing the taiji form repeatedly tends to give my immune system a boost. She's going to be quite irritated if I recover before she does. :-)

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