21 January 2006

Galactic Spider Webs

Not surprisingly, I remember another strange dream (until my sleep cycle shifts again, there'll be lots of these). There was some overarching plot involved, and I think Pocatello had become part of the Galactic Empire (ala Star Wars), though that wasn't particularly relevant except that they'd installed an automated system for delivering mail via train/subway (I vaguely rememeber an argument with someone about whether the Empire was good or bad). I was walking down fourth or fifth (right after they split apart from Yellowstone), and walked across the island there, the one with all the trees. The mail-train ran through there, and there was an odd, spiderweb thing, so the island was wider in the dream than in real life. To get across the island, I had to get across the web. It wasn't an actual spider's web. It was more like a toy that I used to play on in elementary school: four railings supporting a lattice of rope. However, it was much, much larger than that one was, and was inhabited by these wooden...handlike things. They looked like hands insofar as they had a base with fingerlike projections, but the number of fingers varied. I suspect that the older ones had the most fingers. I saw ones with two or three up to ones with six fingers. These would try to grab me if I wasn't careful. Five or fewer fingers I could deal with, and get them off (often by breaking fingers off). Six or more could potentially leave me stuck. There was also an actual spider in the non-spider-web, hunting the finger-beasts. The spider was about eight inches across, and completely ignored me; it was only interested in the finger-beasts.

Changing topics entirely, my mom was extremely surprised by all her birthday surprises. She likes the flower montage over the bed (the bright one with flowers only), and isn't too sure about the other. She also indicated I should have put the mirror higher up on the wall. As I never use a mirror in my bedroom (I comb my hair in the bathroom), this hadn't occurred to me. I had assumed she would want to see herself while sitting down, and so I placed the mirror accordingly. Nope. She wants to see herself while standing up. However, the move will only involve moving the nail up a foot or so.

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