01 January 2006

New Year's Rhapsody

First off:

Happy New Year!

I had less to do for our New Year's family dinner: corn bread, key-lime pie, stir-fry vegetables. I also had to put the cornish hens in the oven, but that doesn't really count. Well, the corn bread turned out quite well. Moist and smooth and nearly perfect. The vegetables were perfect (cooked in peanut and sesame oil, a dash of red pepper, and a bit of cardamom and coriander). The key-lime pie was...pudding. It still tasted good, but something went a mite screwy with the recipe. As it tasted good, I'm not complaining that much, but I plan to try again when we work our way through this pie—er, pudding. Probably with a different recipe. On the bright side, the crumb crust is excellent, and tastes exactly the way I remember graham cracker crusts tasting (I used GF corn flakes, GF rice crispies, and some sliced almonds rather than graham crackers).
(Incidentally, it's still the year of the Rooster until 29 January. Then it becomes the year of the Dog.)

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