12 January 2006


Well, my dream wasn't nearly as interesting as kate's dream, at least partially because I only remember one snippet, but it was odd enough I thought I'd post it.

I picked up a miniature tree, some sort of evergreen. There may have been a Monopoly board involved. Anyway, this tree was about the size of my hand and I was trying to show it to my mom, because I'd suddenly noticed there was a tiny owl perching in the branches. The owl was about the size of the end of my pinky finger, and it was definitely alive. Just before my mom came over to see it, it woke up and flew off. Cute little thing. Too bad I don't remember any more of the context. :-)

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kate said...

That makes me think of several articles I read during the holiday season about people finding owls and small animals in their Christmas trees.

I like Monopoly.