16 January 2006


Diggers is the second book in the Bromeliad trilogy. Also quite enjoyable. I'll try my hand at summarizing it:

Diggers: wherein the non-leaders depart, leaving leaders behind with less skill, looking for the ship of their ancestors; many divers alarums, with invading giants and many flashing lights; also, the strange matter of the frogs.

Excerpt (after the nomes have stolen a steamshovel and used it to run over a truck):

Dorcas was really unhappy about this.

"You're killing a truck," he said.

"Don't be silly," said Grimma. "It's a machine. Just bits of metal."

"Yes, but someone made it," said Dorcas. "They must be very hard to make. I hate destroying things that are hard to make."

"They ran over Nisodemus," said Grimma. "And when we used to live in a hole, nomes were always being squashed by cars."

"Yes, but nomes aren't hard to make," said Dorcas. "You just need other nomes."

"You're weird."

Big John struck again. One of the truck's headlights exploded. Dorcas winced.

UPDATE: Just finished the third and final book: Wings. Summary: much flying about with the grandson of a Deity, to find another deity who "makes the sky"; much more about frogs; first (and last) contact. *grins*

Terry Pratchett's books are always quick reads, especially when I've got the day off!

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