03 January 2006

Prediction Confirmed

Which prediction? This one: "[Mom]'s going to be quite irritated if I recover before she does," from two posts down.

I told her I was feeling much better tonight. There was a moment of silence. Then she said that I had to give her some of my antibodies. I debated suggesting I could donate some blood to her (we are the same blood type), but while I was debating she continued on with the conversation and the moment was lost. Probably just as well. I am certainly not qualified to perform a blood transfusion, and if my mom's been feeling like I did yesterday for over a week, she might actually go for it.

Mom is extremely disgusted with me. "Yeah, you got over the flu in one day."
"It wasn't the flu. It was a cold."
"It gave Ken [her boss] pneumonia."

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