26 January 2006

Health of feet, papers and ads

I woke up starved yesterday, so starved that I actually skipped my morning meditation and taiji practice (as I depart for IF at 8:00, and don't like to practice soon after eating, this killed it for the day). So this morning I woke up with a sore throat... *sighs* Hopefully doing the form three times in a row and drinking some honey/lemon/garlic tea killed the bug off before it could settle in.

Not sure if this is connected or not, but my left foot is swollen and sore in a very odd spot. Where? Well, find the heel. Go out on the left part until you're past the heel. Go in a little ways. That's the center of the problem. So it's not my ankle. Not my arch. Not even my toes. I don't even know if there's any muscle in there. No clue what caused it. It was slightly sore Tuesday evening. Worse Wednesdary morning, and kept getting worse through the day. It's slightly better this morning, and, thankfully, taiji seemed to help rather than aggravate. However, ordinary walking is rather painful at the moment (which means I need to put MORE taiji in my walk. AGAIN).

Amazingly, most of my Matrix homework is done at the moment, and it's not due until 14:30. Why is it done? Mainly because I need to get a test written by 18:00, and it's in Math in Modern Society, so it may take some thought. I've got a good start on it, made last night, but it's too short still (my students probably wouldn't complain about that ;-). I've also got tests to write for 025 and 015, but those are simpler. I'll probably use the practice tests in the book as source material and just shorten it down a bit. And I am definitely going to start introducing MathXL to my 015 students. It helps me (no HW to grade) and gives them a way to practice and get instant feedback. However, that will wait until chapter 2 (I'll make it optional at first, then gradually start requiring more...).

Random Rant: What's up with the new Mythbusters commercials? If you haven't seen them, there's a "sasquatch" with an outrraaaageous Frrrench accent, you see, who is more annoying than anything else. First off, this is a dumb way to advertise a show that's mostly about destroying as many things as possible in the weirdest way possible, and such a commercial will give non-viewers entirely the wrong idea, besides alienating the actual demographic that might be interested in the show. If they need a mascot, they should use Buster (their original crash test dummy). Animate him; have him go over all the stuff that's been done to him (blown up; dropped from balconies; dropped down elevator shafts; set on fire;...). That would give a truer picture of the show. The sasquatch is just...agh.


Fibonacci said...

A French sasquatch would be pronounced "saska".

Qalmlea said...

I don't think he ever refers to himself as a sasquatch... He's going on about how all the "urban legends" are being exposed. Which makes even less sense. Sasquatch is a forest/nature legend.

Fibonacci said...

Perhaps it should have been a giant snake that someone flushed down a toilet with a French accent.

Qalmlea said...

Lol... :-)

Or even a giant mutant goldfish in the New York sewers with a Bronx accent.

John said...

I don'get it. Those aren't the kind of myths they bust anyway.

Qalmlea said...

Exactly why the commercial doesn't make sense. :-)