17 January 2006

Time Management

*sigh* I forgot about the Matrix Analysis assignment that's due today until last night, when I figured I would spend the next morning (i.e. today) working on it...only to discover I had left my notebook and text-copy at my office. So...I got here earlier than planned. It took about 3 hours (much of it muttering to myself and relearning much I had forgottena bout matrices), but it's (essentially) done now. One problem is entirely handwavey, but Dr. Hill doesn't grade every problem, so I'm hoping that one gets skipped. On the bright side, everyone else seems to have sweated over the thing all weekend and were finishing it this morning. I got slightly shocked looks when I said I'd started at 10 this morning. (Well, I did a bit of prelim work in lecture on Thursday; Dr. Hill has a tendency to ramble on and I have a tendency to ignore him while he rambles).

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