23 January 2006

Eye of Dragon

No weird dreams to report, but another...amazing...meditation experience. First, a few words about meditation. For me, meditation is a chance to explore my mind. It's like a huge, invisible labyrinth. One day, going in a certain direction yields a dead end. Another day, I somehow have the "key" to open that direction. Lately, I've been going in the direction of decreasing "I"-coordinate (known in math as heading toward the real axis ;-). This is where I find the experience of my body as an observation tower. Today a new element appeared. As I settled into the outside corridor, I had the sensation/visual of a huge eye opening. As soon as it did, the light began to pulsate around me, as if an electric current were running through me. I stayed there a while, maninly because I had no choice. After the sensations settled down, I was able to thread my way back to myself. I wanted to open my eyes while this was happening, but it would have required forcing them open, and force is never a good idea in such matters. I suppose I should ask Don about this one...

(I recently made a discovery about the Taoist meditation he showed me, oh, two years ago. I hesitate to go into too much detail, but on a really good day there's a sensation of incredible warmth down in the lower tan tian, and I found a way to ensure that the warmth appeared. Checked with Don, and he said, yup, he'd found the same thing. :-)

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