13 January 2006

Intertwined Dreams

Last night, I had a series of somewhat related dreams**. They began with a sort of opening sequence, where two identical women represented the two segments of the coming dreams. One woman was dressed more or less normally. The other was in a grey body-suit. I suppose the one in the body-suit represented the vampiric aspect, but I'm not really sure.

I. Carnival

I was sitting in an auditorium with plush red seats. There was an awards ceremony going on. I'm pretty sure I started out behind a black woman (in a white dress) that I knew had been targeted by a vampire (who looked like the guy who played Dracula in Buffy, s5). I couldn't see the holes in her neck from where I was, but I knew they were there. *flicker* Somehow I'm sitting next to her now, and the two of us are being called to the front to receive some sort of award. I'm inclined not to go, but the vampire is there looking menacingly at us, so we head down to the front. Our awards are sitting on a two-tiered, round glass table, but the artificial roses aren't for us (as a disembodied Michael-Crawford-Phantom-voice tells us). There's another rose that's been smashed that we're allowed to take. We're supposed to dance for the crowd before we can go back (as I can't dance, this is rather laughable). The main thing of interest is that we are inverses: she's got dark skin and a white dress. I've got white skin and I'm all in black, but for some reason I have a white hat.


The black woman goes home and finds a new table in her house. It's white. It's scrawled all over with desperate pleas and ramblings about blood. The writing appears to be red and black crayon. She knows that if she gets rid of the table, something bad will happen.


II. The Compound

Next I find myself outside the auditorium. I know that we're in a huge complex with lots of levels and locations. A bus system runs through them all. For no known reason, I need to get to Level E, the topmost level and the one furthest from our current location. Pam is with me. We both know that the buses stopped running five minutes ago, so we're going to have to walk/run. We start up a hill. As we get to the top, we see a building and hear a sound that indicates a bus might be nearby (actually, it sounded more like a train, but it was a dream). We go into the building to work our way through and see someone that we assume is the driver. When we try to speak to him, he runs off. He didn't look very healthy; his body was wasted and his eyes were worse than bloodshot. We hear the bus (or whatever) leaving and rush to try and catch it. Then we notice all the bugs. The wooden floor is covered with them. It's impossible to take a step without crushing some. In the dream this made perfect sense, as there were areas in the compound that were forbidden and dangerous. We rush out of the building, but the bugs have spread beyond it. They aren't as thick outside. We rush back to the hill we'd climbed up. All the way down it, the bugs are scattered with an average of 4-5 inches between them. Pam tries to avoid stepping on any of them as she scrambles down. I figure that they're bugs, and if I land on a few (I know I squashed at least one tarantula/scorpion thing), so be it.

Once we're down, we look for an alternate route. A bus shows up, but it's not at the platform where the bus-stop is, and it's driving like it's got a mind of its own (think Ron's car in Prisoner of Azkaban). It goes up a very steep concrete ramp. Pam and I rush up the ramp, hoping to still catch the bus to get to level E (whatever that is). Then I wake up.

**I suppose for most people such a dream would be labelled a "nightmare," but I wasn't afraid at any point in the dream. I wasn't pleased to realize we were in a forbidden shack full of bugs, but I wasn't scared. And in the first segment, I got the idea I was there to observe the vampire. *shrugs*

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