14 January 2006

Flowers, Eggs and Bows

(not necessarily in that order)

My sleep cycle has shifted so that I'm usually in REM when my alarm goes off, so I'm remembering more dreams than usual. Last night's installment was rather random. Fibonacci and his roommate were on a journey and stopped at a hotel. It was Fibonacci's birthday, so he opened a box of hard-boiled eggs. I think bad winter weather had stranded them at the hotel, which is odd since Fibonacci's birthday is not in the winter. Then I was talking to Theresa (one of the math grad students) in a big, fancy hall. A huge marble stairway was behind us. Red carpets here and there and everywhere. We were trying to get two new Asian grad students (faces not familiar, presumably made up in dreamland) to bow down as Barbra Streisand came down the stairs, ala Hello Dolly. One of them prostrated himself completely. The other just kept looking at us like we were nuts. I don't blame him.

Now for the flowers. My mom's birthday is this week, and I found a rather large (maybe two feet by two feet) painting of flowers for her. Her room at Grandma's house needs some color... I might go over there while she's at work one day and put a ton of flower printouts up for her as well. *grins* She'll probably take most of them down (or make me take most of them down), but it will be entertaining.

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