25 January 2006


Congrats to Pam and Angus (aka Mike)! Let me add my own, "It's about time!" (Oh, and Angus? If you hurt her, I will personally take a chainsaw to you... *smiles* message brought to you by the psychotic side of me). Oh, they're engaged now, if that wasn't clear. No date yet, but as the engagement only began last Wednesday...that's not really a surprise. Pam's my old roommate, and best friend from high school. She met Angus through SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms), and ditched me (figuratively speaking ;-) to move in with him, oh, about two years ago. Or was it three? Ah well. Not important. Hmmm... now I must begin plotting my engagement and wedding gifts for them... *rubs her hands together gleefully*


John said...

Are they planning a RenFaire marriage? The one outside of Harrisburg, PA does those. (I only ask because of the SCA reference)

Qalmlea said...

Sounds like Pam, at least, wants a quiet, family-only, wedding. As I'm not fond of large social events, I'm not offended, though I'll bet some of their other friends are. *shrugs*