14 January 2006

Playing with the template


Don't mind me. I'm just trying to make this place a bit less cramped, and it seems I may need to widen the "parchment" background. Hence I'm uploading a wider version.

UPDATE: Wow. I got it to work on nearly the first try! (Not quite the first try, because there were multiple things that needed widening, and I didn't realize it...) I also played around with the link colors. It looks okay on my computer. If it looks horrid on yours, feel free to let me know.

Just trying a different background to see if I like it better...

UPDATE^3: I decided the new background was a bit too dark, so I lightened it. By the highly technical method of opening it in paint, sucking up the lightest color present, and using the spray-paint tool over everything. If it looks horrid, I'll go back to the original, darker version. (Hmmm... I do like the lighter colors, but my shoddy lightening job has made the repeats obvious...so I may play around and see if I can find a more uniform way to lighten the image...)

UPDATE^4: Okay, this time I lightened it using PrintMaster's brightness adjuster. We'll see if it works better in a moment... (One annoying thing about PrintMaster's graphic editor: it does something wrong when it saves anything as a jpeg. Blogger doesn't load bmp's very well, so then I have to open the bmp in paint and change it to jpeg. *sighs*)

UPDATE^5: YAY! It's now light enough that the text is easy to read, and I can't easily pick out the repeats. No guarantees, but I'll probably leave the background alone for a while now. :-)

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