05 January 2006

Musical Incongruity

This was too amusing to ignore: A commercial claiming to have the ultimate in "relaxing classical music"... ends with ... "call now for rush delivery."

Speaking of music, I ordered a few CDs through Amazon over break. Two of them were CDs that I previously had on cassette tape (Weird Al Yankovic's "In 3D" and They Might Be Giants' "Flood"). Two were new to me. Both were awesome. Emerald Rose is an Irish group, and all their music has classic Celtic flavor. A few of the songs were available as free downloads from Amazon, which is how I first heard of them. Though all are Celtic, the content varies widely, from musical diddies to folk tales to a pagan invocation. I've enjoyed all of them so far. The final CD was of Tibetan metal and crystal singing bowls. Very unusual, but soothing. And, yes, my taste in music tends toward the eclectic.

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