20 January 2006

Birthday Mischief

Today's my mom's birthday. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday earlier this week, and she said she'd like to have her cabinets put together and closet rod installed. So, while she was at work, I went over and put the cabinets together (one was a bookcase meant to stack on another bookcase she has, so I also stacked it). I didn't get the closet rod done, mainly because I thought I would need someone to hold it while I attached it. But I didn't stop with the cabinets. Oh, not at all...

I printed out a WHOLE bunch of flowers and cut them out, to make two montages. One is a montage of blossoms only (no stems or leaves; just the flowers). It centers on an 8 inch rose. Nine other flowers in bright, bold colors surround it. This montage is directly over her bed. The other is in more subdued colors, and includes leaves and stems as well as flowers; it's on another wall in her bedroom, directly opposite the doorway. But that still wasn't all.

She's been complaining that she doesn't have a mirror in her bedroom and that she needs to move her dresser over from Dad's house. However, there was a large mirror that was in the house when Grandma bought it, and a little sewing desk (that was at my house, but I traded it for the vanity that Mom didn't want), so I hung the mirror above the desk and turned it into a makeshift dresser. As Mom's room was rather messy, this involved a lot of cleaning up as well (which she may berate me for when she can't find things later...). And there was still more...

I wandered over to the dollar store, looking for simple things to help organize Mom's room. I also found a 12-foot long "SURPRISE!" banner, and hung it prominently, as well as a pillow-case with a rose on it that matched the large rose in the montage perfectly. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the pillow case (it's a zippered square one) until I found Mom's "bag of bags"—plastic grocery bags saved to be used as trash bags. There were plenty to stuff the pillowcase! They do make it a bit crinkly to lie on, but the pillow looks better than the bag-of-bags did.

Oh, and for the more usual birthday stuff, there's a card and a rose in a vase waiting for her upstairs, and the large flower picture I mentioned in a previous post. I didn't hang the picture yet, mainly because I had planned to put it where I wound up putting the mirror. So I'll let Mom decide where she wants it and go from there. I ought to call her soon and find out what kind of birthday cake she wants...
(ADDENDUM: She chose chocolate; it's baking now.)

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