19 January 2006

More Dreams (or Angels that live in Doors...)

A very disconnected dream. It begins in a parking lot. I'm meeting my mom there, and she's just come out of the wrong restaurant, which means she's already eaten and the plan was for us to find some place to eat together. The restaurant, despite being rather brown and plain, is a McDonald's. I indicate that there's no way I can go shopping with her until I've had some food, and McDonald's has nothing I can eat. So in a fit of remorse she gives me two ten dollar bills so that I can find some food at the next building over (which is identical to the McDonald's building). It's a Chinese place, and I've eaten there before.

I go inside. It's rather dark and crowded. There are two cashiers, but only one of them seems interested in taking orders and there's a huge line. The other just gives me bored looks.


It's no longer a restaurant. It's the main room of some unnamed aristocratic family, and I'm no longer in it, but watching it on TV. The camera pans around the room, and the commenter notes various antiques and relics (C.S. Lewis somehow comes into the commentary), before stopping on a carving of an angel in a redwood door. It is a very detailed carving, as of a classical painting. The angel has a lyre or similar instrument. Also, the angel can talk and move, and give advice/orders/etc. to the family who controls the room. Reference is made to another, similar, angel-door controlled by a rival aristocratic family. This angel is said to be carved in black mahogany, and the family who controls the red angel-door is rather disgusted and dismissive of it. There are two buildings shown repeatedly (presumably the primary residences of the two rival families). One is a tall, circular skyrise, with at least 10 stories and probably more. I think this is the home of the red angel-door. The other is dark and square and brooding, and is at least 20 stories; presumably this is the home of the black angel-door.

The television show talks about the battles for power between the two families. Since open warfare in the streets is forbidden, they take power by occupying territory. Any territory they can find. The usual method of doing so is to park vehicles in every available bit of street around an area. The one who occupies the most territory gets the most votes in Parliament (or some similar body) and can control the country.

I think the last scene I remember is set in the room housing the black angel-door. It is nearly identical to the room with the red angel-door, but all the wood is black mahogany and there is very little light. The black angel morphs into Johnny Depp for a brief moment before my heart starts beating insanely quickly. DIT-DIT-DIT, pause, DIT-DIT-DIT, pause. A moment later, the alarm goes off in the exact same pattern and wakes me up.

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