20 January 2006

Monks and Cats

Another disconnected dream last night.

It begins at some sort of food vendor's stand, in a sort of tent canopy like one you might find at a fair. There are other stands all around. While I'm trying to find out ingredients (so I know if there's anything safe to eat), a small blond woman gets her order, and it's HUGE. 3-5 pancakes, a mound of scrambled eggs and a bunch of sausages and bacon slices. I assume she's ordered for someone else, but she starts right in on it.
The woman turns up dead the next day, and I wonder if she was trying to commit suicide by overeating.
Monk is brought in to investigate, with the rest of the Monk team (Detective Stoddlemeier and the lietenant whose name I never remember). Monk gets drunk, and allows the lieutenant to drink so much that he almost dies from alcohol poisoning, and there's some talk of charging Monk with contributing to the delinquency of a lieutenant, or something like that. Anyway, the last time Monk appears, he's gotten himself stuck in a toilet (yes, I know, even DRUNK this would never happen to Monk, not to mention how he managed to FIT in there in the first place, as only his head was visible) and Stoddlemeier is trying to get him out. Pan out from the bathroom into a large loft.
The loft flickers back and forth between an indoor loft and an outdoor meadow, and suddenly tons of cats start turning up. I'm not sure if we're looking for them, or for one particular cat, or what, but the first one I remember is a gray-striped tabby who looks a bit like Buckwheat (a kitten we gave to some of my cousins when I was in first grade). My mom disagrees. Then Feisty shows up (she was black and white, with a pattern like a mask over her eyes; she died of feline leukemia in 1995). There's another cat with almost red fur, and some others that I don't fully remember. Then Tiger shows up. Tiger was Buckwheat's sister. She disappeared many many years ago. She was a beautiful calico. In the dream, she is in horrible shape. There is a huge...gap? wound?...in her belly, making her bones and internal organs all visible, but graying and dusty. Yet she's still alive. My mom says that Tiger has been showing up off and on, and has been drinking milk...

This is one of the odder dreams I've been able to remember... The part with Tiger is just disturbing.

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