30 January 2006

A hungry day

All of my classes today were taking tests, so I did not lecture at all. In the morning, I worked on Matrix homework (easier than last weeks), then started reading Kim by Rudyard Kipling (recommended by Fibonacci). Fourteen pages in, I already love the book. When the last student left (at noon; no one took the whole 75 minutes), I was starving, to the point that it would have been a bad idea to drive back to Pocatello without finding food first. So I drove into IF and to the Cantonese place that I know has safe food. I ordered Spicy Hot Diced Chicken with a small order of pork and seeds. Normally, I don't order the pork and seeds, and eat about half of the chicken. Today, I ate 8 of the 10 slices of pork and more than half of the chicken. I have no clue why I've been so hungry. It's getting annoying.

I had a reasonable size dinner (i.e. about what I usually eat), then went to give my evening class's test. When they got done, I was again starving. *sighs* I visited my dad and Ji'e'toh briefly, and went over to see Mom and Grandma (where I stole a banana and discovered there's a literal meaning to "don't bite off more than you can chew."), before coming home to find some more food. I made one of my standby meals: canadian bacon cooked in tomato sauce with lots of red pepper added to a Thai "instant meal" thing that only WinCo carries (since it has no meat, it wouldn't be far wrong to call it gluten-free ramen, but the flavor packets are actually good). Hopefully that will get me through the night *makes a face*. It's annoying being hungry all the time for no reason.

Oh, I've been working on some cards to go along with Fibonacci's game and he stopped by to take a look this evening. He didn't request any major changes, so now I just need to get numeric values on everything. I'll leave it to Fibonacci to divulge the details. It's his game, after all. ;-)

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