01 December 2007

Ornagami Pics III

I'm 2/3 of the way through the models in the book now. If I counted correctly, there are 30 total and I've now made 20 of them. Of course, I've been avoiding the reindeer due to prior experience with intricate origami animals, but I won't have many options left before much longer! ^/^ Several more that I finished last night are below the fold.

The box is called a "candy cup" and is made from an old Guayaki tea bag. It's a fairly sturdy, and easy to make, cup, but you need a ruddy large piece of rectangular paper if you want it to hold much. Divide the width of the paper by 4 and that's how wide the cup will be. Divide the height by 4 as well, and that's how tall. Inside the cup is a "candy" cane, that is ridiculously easy to make (just take out the pen before you get it completely rolled up) and a candle that is nearly as easy. The star is called a 4-point estrella, and it's actually up-side down here.

Here's the box again, with the Estrella star right-side-up. The paper I used makes it look like, from this direction, that it required two separate sheets, but it was only one multicolored sheet, cut into four pieces. I've seen better interlocking star models, so I'm not overly fond of this one, but it's relatively easy. The hard part is getting the last two pieces to interlock with one another.

Lastly are my favorites from this batch. Two variations of hexahedron, and a paper ball. The paper ball was one I thought I already knew how to make, but it turns out that I was missing a "lock" at the end that keeps it from being pulled apart easily. It's still one of the easiest models to make, though. The hexahedrons are also quite easy to make, but mildly tricky to get joined together. Ironically, I had an easier time with the small one in the picture than with the large, but I think that's because I used double sided paper for the large one. It seems to be thicker.

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