23 December 2007

Good Deeds

(1) Shoveled the sidewalk by the door nearest the choir room at my mom's church. The usual caretaker is injured, and his replacement doesn't seem to understand the concept of "clear pathway."

(2) Helped my mom get some Christmas decorations up. See, she's got an extra recliner at the moment, taking up space, so I've been frantically trying to clean to get to the point where I could take the thing off her hands, and I'm currently at about 90%, but, well, there really isn't much time left. So tonight I suggested we move that chair into her garage and take it over tomorrow. She declined on that, not wanting to leave her car out on a predicted snowstorm night, but decided that we could put up one of Grandma's smaller trees instead of the big one. I took another smaller tree (picture likely forthcoming) since I don't really want to dig out my big one either. Note to whomever moved ISU's schedule up a week: I despise you; please go back to hiding under a rock and leave the ruddy schedule abloodylone; kthxbye.

(3) Agreed to be an extra soprano at the Christmas Eve service. This was more selfish than good-deed-ish, honestly. I like the candlelight service (better before Eric started doing it, but that's another story), but I hate sitting out in the "audience." If I'm going to be there, I'd rather be part of it. And the choir's two pieces are both enjoyable, familiar ones. I'm making up the notes in a few spots so far, but that will improve once I have someone singing with me. But the notes I'm making up are at least in the accompaniment, so that's not too bad.

Incidentally, going into psychotic mode might get the cleaning done faster, but it leaves me extremely drained. What's psychotic mode? Uh, it's kind of like turning up the speed on the motor, so that it's impossible for it to slow down. It might idle for brief periods, but even the idling is fast. I spent the morning that way. Got the kitchen 98.2% cleaned and rearranged; unwound for a few hours; started rearranging and cleaning the living room. For the kitchen, there are a few more things I'd like to do, but they'll have to wait until after Christmas.

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