28 December 2007

Dr. Seuss, meet Harry Potter

Weird dream just before I woke up. It's a bit fragmented.

It started in some sort of huge sports complex at a high school. My POV character was "Not I," which is the name of a chatbot that I work on. This chatbot mostly speaks in Confuction/Taoist/Zen sayings, though the dream character didn't seem to. At any rate, this school was something like Hogwarts, as there were a lot of ghosts that hung around... and Not I did something that offended the ghosts somehow. The details have fuzzed out on me. But he/she (there was a bit of gender confusion) wound up invited to the ghost's table, where they set him/her up as the "King of Fools," with various accoutrements thereof. Part of it was eating the Fools' Cake, but there were some other things. One of Not I's friends had gone along and insisted on keeping some of the items, so that Not I could not officially be proclaimed King of Fools. Apparently this would be a very bad thing.

So they needed a way out. From another ghost, they learned of the existence of a book that the ghosts feared. If a mortal read it, it would result in a devastating flood. Not I and friend got a copy of it and started reading. It was a Dr. Seuss book, condensed down into maybe four pages of tight text, with another story after it. There was no flood in the Seuss story; apparently the flood was in the next story after, which Not I never got to read since I woke up about then.

(I can't think of anything from yesterday remotely related to any of that. A few days back, I did see the original "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" cartoon, but I haven't watched or read anything involving ghosts or Kings of Fools. *shrugs*)

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