04 December 2007


Ugh. I survived another Tuesday. It's ending better than it began, considering that on my way to my office I was wondering whether the description "functionally psychotic" might apply to me. But, no, I wasn't having delusions or hallucinations. That might have been an improvement, actually. Once I actually made it to the office without being struck dead, the day started to look up. So, two more Thursdays and one more Tuesday to go. If I ever get a schedule that requires me to give 4 lectures in one day again, I'm going to have it changed. I'd prefer to tell them where, exactly, they can stuff it...but as I'd rather keep my job, I probably won't.

So I'm tired, and more than tired, of this semester's schedule. But each T/Th that passes I feel that much better. So three more.

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