03 December 2007

My Daemon

The Golden Compass Web-Site has a quiz to find out what sort of Daemon you have. Sadly, it's a very flash-intensive site, so I can't link directly to it, but look for "Meet Your Daemon". It shows up on the front page, as well as if you click on "Daemons". Anyhow, I rather liked my result. It suits me.

Well, mostly. I'm not too sure about the "humble" part. Sometimes I feel like the vampire psych major's description of Buffy fits me, something like "You've got a superiority complex, but you've got an inferiority complex about it."

Just for grins, I'll paste in their flash code below the fold, but, Avalokiteshvara, don't they understand that not everything needs to be flash????


John said...

Mine, apparently, is a fox called Artemidoris. I kind of like that.

Anonymous said...

good dimon dude
mine is like your
mine is the first her name is aditi