30 November 2007

More Ornagami

I tried a few more of the models in the book tonight, and made a few more Saar Stars. Picture below the fold.

The angel turned out nicely, but it sort of creeps me out, to be honest. I'll try to pass it on to someone more into angels at some point. The star immediately in front of the angel is a five-point version of the Saar Star. Once you get the paper cut into a pentagon (very good instructions at the front of the book; leftover paper scattered around the models), it's actually easier to fold than the 4-point. Hmmm, though that could be because I was using larger paper for the 5-point. Anyway, the Saar Star at the left is one I mostly made at the philosophy club meeting this afternoon, mainly to see if I had the pattern memorized yet. Answer: not quite. I missed the very last fold on each point. But I had 90%, so I was pleased.

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