11 December 2007


I remember a few, oddly random, vignettes, most likely from different dreams.

In one, I was looking out over a vast plain of tree stumps, where a forest had been only a day or so ago. Above each tree stump was a glowing blue dot. I'm not really sure what it represented. The soul of the tree? A mark made by those chopping them down? No clue.

In another, I was in a huge mansion that I knew (in the dream) had belonged to my grandma. From the feel of things, it was an underground mansion. It was cavernous. The living room was in a space with at least 300 feet between the floor and the ceiling. To make it seem cozier, a metalwork ceiling had been suspended from the main ceiling at a more usual height for a room. The metalwork also had lights built into it. Along the walls were various outcroppings and catwalks. I remember one sort of shack sticking out of a wall. It looked like the wood was starting to rot and I wondered for how long it would be safe to climb through it.

In the last that I remember, I was sitting in a desk in a classroom...behind Spike from BtVS. No clue what class it was, but Spike was going a little nutso. He kept holding up his right hand, which looked perfectly normal, and asking me why I'd stolen his fingers. As all his fingers were there, I had no clue what he was talking about. As he seemed rather distraught, I tried to show him that his fingers really were there. Somehow, I could tell from touching them that there was no feeling in them.

And that's all I remember. If there was any continuity between these snippets, I've forgotten it.

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