17 December 2007

One Day More...

Another day, two other finals to give
This near-to-ending road of grades to sift
These students who would like to pass
Will move on to another cast
One Day More...

(yes, I've probably used this song in a similar manner before)

And I'd write more but I'm trying to polish up my final philosophy paper. I didn't really like any of the topic choices, so I decided to do a dialogue related to one of the choices. At some point in Hume's Dialogue, Philo notes that there are four possibilities for the entities/processes responsible for the world: (1) they were good; (2) they were evil; (3) some were good and some were evil; (4) they were neutral. I've got a character to argue each POV. It's fun, but I have to restrain Yvette a bit, as it's just too much fun to argue for evil. It takes me back to my existentialist high school days, though then I was more of the "absurd" POV, but I sympathized with the evil POV. Yeah, okay. Back to writing the paper instead of writing about it.

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