25 December 2007

Christmas with Rocks In

First off, John beat me to posting Weird Al's tributes to Christmas, so instead I'll share some of my favorite holiday music. Trans-Siberian Orchestra! If you've never heard them...imagine electric guitars blaring traditional Christmas melodies. They do more than that, but my favorites tend to be the rock-out versions of melodies I already love. So go below the fold and prepare to be dazzled. Or horrified. Either way, I win! Note: These are some of the few songs that I tend to want to crank the volume on. ^/^

(one of my favorites; this video amuses me)

(nicely choreographed Christmas light show for another fave)


John said...

We've been listening to them and Mannheim Steamroller at work for the last couple of weeks. We can't all agree on anything else.

Qalmlea said...

^/^ I also like Bing Crosby and Dean Martin, for more "traditional" Christmas music. Surely no one could object to them, right? `/^

John said...

They're good, but they get old pretty quickly because we've all heard them about a thousand times each year for the last few decades.

Qalmlea said...

I guess I don't get tired of them because I only hear them for a short time each year, and because they take me back to my childhood. *shrugs*