07 December 2007

Picture Post

I was going to post on the discussion of ethics, etc, from this afternoon, but I think I need a night or so to process to not sound like a complete idiot on the topic. Meanwhile, I sorted through some pictures from this summer and found a few worth sharing. They're below the fold.

Here's a cute bumblebee that I think was in the Japanese Garden in Portland.

This is one of the better views of the Chinese Garden in Portland.

This guy was, er, hanging out in one of the many sculptured windows in the Chinese Garden. It makes it look like I'm a better photographer than I am, though. There's a trick to getting an autofocus camera to focus on something small: find something larger and easier to grab that's at the same distance. Not foolproof, but it worked well enough here.

Finally, a waterfall. As far as I remember, we only stopped at Multnomah Falls, so presumably this is from there... If so, this would be the lower, larger part of the falls. *shrugs*

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