02 December 2007

November Searchlight

Another month, another queue of searches bringing people here.

stealing poems: Make sure you cite sources. 'Course, then it's not really stealing.
comparison between ecclesiastes and the tao te ching: Some very similar attitudes. According to Dr. Levenson, some of the dissimilarities were put in so that it would be "acceptable" for canonization.
origami bauble instructions: Uh, that could refer to a whole bunch of models. Probably the bell bauble is what brought you here, but the book I found it in is only $10.
"being hyper is": liketalkingreallyreallyfastsonoonecanunderstandyouandnevertakingabreakatall.
(more below the fold)

"bottle breathing": the idea is to get the air into the lower abdomen first, then fill up the lungs like a bottle, and empty in reverse.
"burning concrete": that was figurative.
"don schurman", idaho: If you've got an Idaho Falls phone book, look up "Sleeping Tiger Martial Arts."
"evangelical dialogue on evolution": usually more of a shouting match...
"fishes in eight": The feet make an inverted 'V', which is very similar to the Chinese symbol for eight. The hands swim across, and, done just right, trace a the yin yang fish in the air.
"fractions are numbers too: And deserving of just as much respect!
"generic birkenstocks": Try any box store's shoe department. Fair warning, some are more comfortable than others.
"hated tuna" tuna: ??? Uh, yeah, tuna's lousy, except as an actual fish filet.
"life philosophy" "this is the way the world ends": You were probably looking for discussion, not random pictures. But it's a good poem.
"numbers aren't words?": Depends on context.
"paper riddle": Uh, drawing a blank here...
"qi flow" simplified: Start by imagining an energy flow and work from there. If you already feel it, imagine it getting stronger.
"you who eat pies" "sweeney todd": Not me. I suspect that Mrs. Lovett's pies have wheat-based crusts, so I'd never try them. `/^
(circle fist): *mutters darkly under her breath* Ruddy pain of a move, if you ask me.
a sentence for sporadic: Ninety days!
assumptions about the weather categorical syllogisms: Uh... uh... GREEN!
ballistic gel: This site might be more useful.
big toe tingly prickly: Could be a trapped nerve; could be a mineral deficiency, and who knows what else. Calcium, magnesium and zinc have been helping mine to improve.
brackets needed for full to queen headboard: Good luck with that. I had to buy a new frame.
buy edson fichter art: Sorry; I've just got some of his poems in with my random quotes.
coraline human: Assuming this refers to Moonlight, yeah. It got more interesting the next time she showed up as a human, but I have a nagging suspicion that they're about to segue into having Mick on a desperate quest to become human, a la Forever Knight.
d&d drows: *blinks* Have I ever mentioned drows? *checks* Oh. Once. Actual D&D game.
daimon golden compass: Forgot to mention that there are a few explicit Plato references in the Subtle Knife, so there's definitely some Socratic influence there.
dangerous cleaning combination: I think it was ammonia and bleach, but I could be wrong. Read labels.
definition of maunderings: Oh I know you know what maunderings means! `/^
disney's alter ego: There's gotta be a joke in there somewhere...
dental public service announcements: It scares me that people actually LOOK for these...
divers alarums pratchett explain: See, the divers, they breathe using a plant called the alar...
does dream a wish fulfillment?: Uh, GREEN.
does hot chocolate have gluten?: Sometimes. Read labels, or make your own.
dreaming about bugs on the floor: is better than dreaming about them crawling all over your skin.
easy ornagami: Well, someone's interested in it besides me!
favorite "flour sack towels" dharma: Wow, umm, WHAT?!?
ffrf bible quiz: Biased but accurate and enjoyable.
floor painting freefall: Must be modern art.
friday sock sale fred meyers: More sock people! Joooooiiiinnnnn uuuuusssss....
ginger fatigue: Very rare side effect, but certainly possible.
how to build an easy 8 pronged origami throwing stars: I've seen an easy four-pronged one that's solid enough to throw... Can't remember where, now, though.
how to make an origami 5-point saar star: First, ya buy a book, then ya cut a pentagon, then ya fold it.
how to pronounce ecclesiastes: I don't guarantee I'm right, but I say it "eh-KLEE-zee-ass-tees".
imaginary war: *sighs* There are SOOO many...
large pullman pan bread recipe: Uh, have the conservative wackos turned to cannibalism or is this a baking term that I've never heard of?
meditation cushion knee injury: Assuming the cushion didn't cause the injury, adjust the height until you can keep your knee comfortable. If necessary, straighten the leg and rest it on a pillow. At least, that's what I do.
my car pulls to right side after impacting curbside: See a mechanic.
mythbuster reanimated cat: Are you talking about robokitty? That was a trifle disturbing.
nook and cranny pine ridge mall: Mixed bag. Most of the booths carry junk that holds no interest for me, but every so often there's a gem in the rubble.
pratchett "go around believin": Lots o' things exist, but that's no call t'go around believin' in 'em!
sinus lift bloggs: No... it lifts the sinuses, or... I don't want to know.
six pillars cheng man ching: I can't name them all. Maggie Newman and Wolfe Lowenthal were two of them, though. Supposedly the grandmaster said that if they could all pull together, they would be unbeatable...but they did not pull together.
squirrel flingers: Just build your basic catapult or trebuchet...but on a smaller scale.
the mussel in my right hip is killing me ant idea why: LOL. Ummm... there's a clam living in your right hip? And it's plotting to kill you? So, assuming you mean muscle, try some basic hip stretches, very gently. If those don't help or make it worse, see a doctor.
the shoshone sunrise ceremony: Very beautiful and moving. Go to one if you have a chance.
what can i learn form a philosophy class?: Everything. Including how to spell "from."
why do the lungs never completely empty: Because they'd collapse.

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Hans-Wolfgang said...

One early morning in heaven three men arrived at the same time. St Peter was surprised, as hardly anybody came at this time. So he asked the first, 'How come?'
'Well,' he said, 'I came back home from a journey and found a man's coat hanging up and shoes hanging around, and my wife naked in bed looking very happy. So I searched for the man but could not find anybody and got so furious that I smashed the TV and threw the fridge out of the window. Then I took a gun and killed myself.'
'And you?' St Peter asked the second.
'Well, I was making love to my secretary when she said suddenly, "Ah, my husband!" So I jumped into the fridge to hide. But then the fellow threw the fridge out from the third floor, so I am here!
'I don't know,' said the third. 'I was just waiting for my bus in the morning when suddenly a fridge came out of the blue and brought me here!'