02 December 2007

Ornagami Pics, IV

A few more from the Ornagami Book below the fold. Checking to see what's left... The Dove (done but not pictured), 8-point star/frame, Fancy tree, 5-point one cut star, Patch Star, Quickie Tree (done but not pictured), Reindeer, Santa's sack and chimney, Snowflake Star (poorly done; needs to be redone), and Teardrop ornament.

The roundish one is called a "Holiday Wreath," though I think I've come across it by at least one other name. The folding is very easy, but the joining is a mite tricky, especially when you get to joining the last two pieces together. Whether it looks good or blah will depend largely on the type of paper you use. The pointy one is called a Harlequin Diamond. The folding slightly tougher here, but the joining is easier (once you decipher the diagram; it's easy, almost too easy, to the point that I thought I was misreading the diagram).

Here we have a Santa model (ignore the green of the beard, etc; most paper will have a white background so this won't be an issue). The Santa was easier to fold than I expected. It's also sufficiently generic that, with blue starry paper, you could call it a wizard, or with green paper a leprechaun, etc. Any being with a pointy hat and beard would work here. I've also got a Crane and a Stocking pictured. The Crane is probably the most famous origami critter, and I've done one or two before. It's not all that complicated, but it is a case where the folds have to be fairly precise for it to look good. The stocking, on the other hand, is very, very easy. I'm thinking it would look more stocking-like, however, if I blunted the toe...

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