26 December 2007



New blockquote formatting.
with insert

And the spacing

Useful Color Code Converter
Source for the Blockquote Code

ADDENDUM: I finally found a fix for the messed up line-spacing after using blockquote. It's here, and there's both a permanent, one-time fix, and a way to fix it post by post. I went for the permanent version.


John said...

if you play with the margins attribute in your blockquote definition, you can adjust the spacing above and below the quote block.

I use "margin: 6px 12px 6px 12px;"

It looks fine as it is; I'm just saying it's possible.

John said...

also, if you want your background texture/image to show in the qoute block, add
"background-color: transparent;"
to the blockquote definition

This will only work if you don't mind the quote block being the same color as your blog background. I didn't because I changed the color of the quote blocks.

Sorry if this bugs you. I'm a hobbyist code geek. I can't help it.

Qalmlea said...

LOL. No, I'm grateful for all the advice I can get. ^/^ I would like to be able to darken the inset quoteblocks as well, but then I have to figure out how to make the text lighter, as when I tried it, it was nearly invisible...

I may play around with it more later.

John said...

You can have as many different styles of block quotes as you want by defining classes.

I have two right now

blockquote {


blockquote.nest {

[blockquote] will use the first style, [blockquote class="nest"] will use the second

This page is a reference for all the properties that can be modifed in [blockquote] (or any other page element for that matter)

in fact the HTML, XHTML and CSS tutorials at w3schools is how I learned them (I'm still working on JavaScript).

Qalmlea said...

Cool. I'll have to check that out later. Thanks!

Qalmlea said...

All right, I think I might be done with it for the moment. I got the light text on dark background that I wanted (after noticing that, gee, all the other lines have semicolons after them... maybe my color line should, too...). And I might play with the spacing later.

I just defined something I called "inset" with mostly the same properties as "blockquote" but using different colors. The stuff in the cut and paste code was easy. Your link showed me that color: #_______; will change the text color (if you remember the semicolon `/^)