05 December 2007

Free Will

I found an awesome critique of the free will "solution" to evil. It's much more erudite than anything I'd write on it.

"Limiting choices to within a framework which assures the framer the result he desires, cannot be called “free”. It’s like a mother telling a child she can only choose to wear the red dress or the blue dress, because those are the dresses the mother likes best. There’s no option to choose the green dress or the yellow dress. Nor, for that matter, is there the chance to wear a tee shirt and jeans, or a blouse and skirt. In the same way, God limits our options to ensure that our choices correspond to his own predetermined outcomes for us." Read the whole thing.

The other problem is that any choice that exists also has to come from God, if God is the sole creator. That opens a whole different can of worms.

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John said...

Freedom of choice is an illusion. That post was spot on. I heard the "Hank's Millions" analogy a long time ago. It only covers half of the argument, but is a good illustration all the same.