16 December 2007

Dangerous Popcorn

I have a very vague memory of a dream. I was at one of the philosophy club meetings. No clue what the topic of discussion was, but we'd branched out into "experimental philosophy." To that end, there was a nasty deadly virus contained in what we called a "vial" in the dream. However, it was the exact size and shape of a tube that I bought this summer, containing "a yard of popcorn." As you might guess from that name, it was three feet long, and maybe 2.5 inches in diameter. Why we had a deadly virus in it, or what philosophical point it was supposed to make, I don't know. I do know that if we'd released the virus, it would have killed a whole bunch of people. (And this dream would have surprised me less had it been right after the mid-season-finale of Heroes, which also involved a deadly virus)

Back to the real-life popcorn tube. It had three kinds of popping corn in it. The topmost foot was black popcorn, which was my least favorite. The flavor was kind of blah, and the kernels popped up very small. The next foot was yellow popcorn. This was very, very good. The last foot was red popcorn. Not quite as good as the yellow, but it popped up nice and fluffy. I've still got 2-3 inches of it left, in fact.

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