19 December 2007


I just took my philosophy final. Rather fun, really, but with one oddity. There was one question where the answer wrote itself with almost no conscious intervention on my part. I do not remember writing it. I remember ideas flowing through my mind and into my hand, but that's all. Then, when my answer was almost complete, the bubble popped and I was left staring at my paper trying to figure out where all the words had come from. I blinked several times and moved on to another question. At the end, I came back to the self-written one, skimmed it enough to get the gist of it, and wrote a concluding paragraph. It was a bit bizarre, actually. Oh, the question was about Freud's views of "oceanic feeling" and the "superego." I didn't care for Freud's views on the subject, and apparently my reaction went deep enough to bypass my ego entirely while "I" was writing it. ^/^ Ironic and weird, but cool.

And...on the way home I realized that it was even more ironic than I thought, as I was writing about surrendering the self, as I surrendered myself to the writing.

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