05 May 2006

Not Particularly Useful Discoveries

(1) Drinking yerba mate tea in the morning makes me less hungry, but then the lack of food also means I have less energy.

(2) The automatic sprinkler system at my Grandma/Mom's house has no useful control mechanisms to adjust how often it comes on.

(3) My mom is a lightswitch neat freak (insists that two switches controlling the same light must both be down when the light is off, thus negating the usefulness of having two switches)

(4) The people who wired my Grandma/Mom's house were lunatics (not new, but it keeps extending; this time, a dual switchbox upstairs was placed so that it was impossible to get a lightswitch cover on it)

(5) There are still some rough spots in Parsival's Test to be smoothed out (okay, somewhat useful, as I can now FIX them)

(6) I am also allergic to the bushes at the front of Granmda/Mom's house (we discovered a few years back that I'm allergic to the one in back; nothing major, just a nice crop of hives) - - SIDENOTE: If I'm not careful, Christmas wreaths generally give me a rash as well.

(7) My mom does not like it when I have no opinion on a question she asks, ever. Tonight it was "How do you think it would look if I put plastic strips in the chain link fence back there?"
Me: "It would look like there were plastic strips in it."
Mom: "But would it be an improvement?"
Me: "That depends on whether you like the look of plastic strips. I have no opinion on the matter."
Mom: *sighs*

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