04 May 2006

Hair Loss

I usually try to wait until after school stuff is all done, but my hair was driving me nuts. So I got out my clippers and took a bunch off on Tuesday. I realized I'd missed a few spots, so I tidied it up (and made it even shorter) today. I got the clippers when money was tight, and I didn't feel like paying $10-$20 for a haircut. The clippers were $40, so with the price of the place I usually went to, they paid for themselves after three uses. I generally just use them in summer, because I can't get much finesse on my own. But this way I can keep my hair short and manageable without paying through the nose. I'm sort of tempted to dye it blond this summer. I've done black and red, but never blond. It will grow out pretty quickly if it looks horrible.

I had long hair once. It was a pain. I hate having dirty hair, but when it's long it takes forever to dry after washing. So I keep it short. That way I just wash, comb, and go. My mom keeps her hair short as well, though longer than mine, but she insists on perming it and teasing it and all sorts of other ruddy nonsense. She gets very irritated with me when she asks how it looks, because unless there's some obvious problem, I answer, "Huh? Oh, fine." You'd think she'd learn not to ask for my opinion, since I generally don't have one. (She also does this when picking music to play for church; I invariably tell her to play "One Last Shot" from Pirates of the Caribbean, or "Imperial March". Yet she continues to ask.)


John said...

"Imperial March" would have been very appropriate for the church of my childhood.

Qalmlea said...

She DID play Star Wars music once as a postlude (main theme, at least; not sure what else). :^D Largely because she was quitting (she thought), and wanted to go out with a bang. Unfortunately, they couldn't find a replacement, so she's still doing it.