01 June 2007


We made it to Scappoose with only one minor incident. While going over a bridge, I was supposed to get us onto I5...and forgot. However, this turned out to be a fortuitous miss, as there was a big lineup at that entry, and not at the one I circled around to find.

Pam and Angus are doing well, mostly. Pam's got something funky going on with her ribs. Conventional doctors have said "Nothing we can do. Here, take (drugX) for the pain/swelling/inflammation." Her mom had something similar a few years back that turned out to be a twisted rib (or something similar), and a chiropractor was able to correct it. Pam's hoping hers will respond to chiropractic as well.

All we had time for in Newport was the Aquarium. Beautiful, beautiful place. Not as nice as the Japanese gardens, but not much is. There's one place where the walkways are basically tunnels through the aquarium, so you have fish swimming above, below, and all around you. Their theme this year seems to be crabs. There's also a "petting zoo," full of things that are (a) safe to touch and (b) not easily damaged by being touched. Largely anemones, starfish, cucumbers, and bivalves (clams). I'm not sure if it was the cold water or the anemone, but after gently running a finger over the tentacles of an anemone, that finger felt somewhat tingly and numb. It could just as easily have been the water, though. VERY cold. Pumped directly in from the ocean, the guides said.

Tomorrow? *shrugs* We had been thinking about a boat trip on the Columbia, but Mom wants to sleep in, and doesn't think that we'll have time to make it to a shoe store that interests her if we do the boat trip. So far the plan is "Bob's Red Mill," which is where a lot of my GF baking supplies come from, and then the Shoe Mill (SAS shoes for my mom). There seems to be a big shopping complex by the Shoe Mill, so more may develop.

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