21 June 2007

Naming, Revisited

The black male now has a name. Jacques, as in Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Why? Because he's a bit clumsy and reminds me of the good inspector. Yes, all kittens are a bit clumsy at first, but this one... This morning, he managed to fall off the towel on my lap three times, and the third time he rolled off the side of the cardboard box where he was born. Beautiful. If he were human, I'd recommend he go into physical comedy.

So, black kittens: Howler (F), Zen Girl (F), Jacques (M); grey kittens: Pouncer (M), Shanghai (F). Pouncer's got a bit of a cold. Dovi seems tired, but she is feeding five kittens. The sooner I get them on other food, the better off they'll be.

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