24 June 2007

Hide the Children!

This result surprised me:
Online Dating

The reason surprised me more:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* dead (16x)
* kill (7x)
* death (6x)
* hell (4x)
* shoot (2x)
* hurt (1x)

Oh, wait! We can now up the count on all of those words by 1! See, now I'm tempted just to list a random string of vaguely violent terms to see if there's any rating worse than NC-17. Knife. Dagger. Sword. Stab. Bleed. Blood. Hades. Slice. Pain. Die. Dying. Destroy. Entrails. Guts. Decimate. Smash. Burn. Sear. Seriously, though, why in Avalokitesvara's name do these terms merit an NC-17 rating? (via Pharyngula, Respectful Insolence and Pooflinger's Anonymous)

UPDATE: Only "stab" and "knife" showed up in a re-rate. Apparently dying is okay, so long as there's no death involved. And blood is okay so long as you don't shoot or stab anyone for it. Entrails and guts are fine, so long as they're not from something dead. Also, it's just peachy to smash and burn. Very bizarre.


John said...

My blog is apparently kid-friendly, so, suprizingly, "atheist" isn't a trigger word.

Qalmlea said...

LOL. I wonder if Satan and/or Satanic are? Or heretic?