09 June 2007


Today Kate, of Blots of Ink, aka Fibonacci's sister, graduated high school. I went down to Twin Falls for the celebration. Met lots of their family and extended family. Also had a chance to talk GF-shop with Aunt Bee. :^) But it's been a long day. I went to IF this morning, for an informal, students-only taiji class, then drove from there to Twin. Good news, though. They may release Don* on Monday. Apparently he's on oxygen (there were oxygen tanks piled in the dojo), which makes me wonder if they've actually gotten him to quit smoking. This would be quite a shock. One of his favorite anecdotes to relate is about a doctor who told him that he'd live 5 years longer if he quit smoking. "Ugh. Five more years of wanting a cigarette?" He's also said something about them prying the cigarettes out of his cold, dead hands. However, oxygen tanks and lit cigarettes don't mix very well. *shrugs*

I'd write more, but I'm exhausted. Night. And congrats again to Kate.

*Found out this morning that the bacterial pneumonia was the kind resistant to antibiotics. Lovely. Apparently it's been going around I-Tech (where Don teaches), and at least one student has died from it.

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