08 June 2007

At World's End

YAY! Pirates III! YAY! (Yes. I liked it, if that isn't already obvious)

Anything spoilerish I'll put below the fold, but I'll try to keep them mild enough and vague enough to not be spoiling much. Overall verdict: Awesome movie. Better than the second one. Almost on par with the first one. I think. I need to watch the first one again. Incidentally, in the credits there was an "Inferno Supervisor" or some similar title. I distinctly remember the "Inferno" bit, but not the rest of the title. There was also an "Assistant Inferno Whatsis."

Okay. This movie. Free warning: I've just had chocolate on a nearly empty stomach, so I may not be very coherent. Right. Movie. I loved Jack's hallucinations(?) of himself. Imagine a ship entirely crewed by Jack Sparrow clones. Now imagine trying to run such a ship. And now I'm imagining trying to shoot such a shot... Very nicely done. Anyway.

No, that wasn't much of a spoiler. More a teaser, but then I thought, what if someone thinks it's a spoiler. I don't want to spoil the whole roiling boil, er, plot! Maybe I should give up typing right now... I'm making about as much sense as Jack. Cuttlefish!! My Peanut!! Ahem.

What else... I do have to agree with Greg Dean (see Real Life Comics) that the parachute was a bit much. If it had looked more makeshift, it could have worked, okay, but it looked like, well, a professional parachute. Thankfully, they did not try to "top" the sword duel in a barrel as far as one-on-one-on-one fighting goes. Nope. Hurricane. Peter Pan. 'Nuff said.

Also, a bit of movie intuition on my part. Any movie that starts with a big humongous battle sequence will invariably end with a sequence depending on (generally) two characters. At any rate, a very small group within the whole. My counting was slightly off, but the basic idea was correct. And while they left it open for a sequel, there was no requirement for one this time; rather like the way the first movie ended.

This last bit is probably the closest to a real spoiler you'll get here, so I will white it out (highlight if you wish to read it): Based on the level of betrayal and double-cross, once every ten years may be all those two characters can handle.


John said...

I agree. Awesome movie. I just now got home from seeing it.

Qalmlea said...


I think to completely appreciate them, I need to watch the second and third ones back-to-back, though. To get the continuity going.

John said...

I'd agree, but I can't sit still that long.

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at first glance I was sure it said "jello"

Qalmlea said...

LOL. Too bad it wasn't peanut. ;^)