11 June 2007

Chinese Restaurant at the End of the World

Weird dream. I was on a date with a guy who looked like Owen from BtVS (the normal guy she tried dating in season 1). That wasn't his name. His name was something odd that I couldn't remember, and still can't. I think there was a 'k' and an 'n' in it. Anyway, when we got to the restaurant, he went to get us a table. Then I had to try and find him, which was difficult since I didn't know his name. I wandered through several ornately decorated rooms several times. There were huge chandeliers made something like the Chinese architectural lanterns that you see in restaurants, but the paper/filters were mostly red. There were curtains on every doorway. The seating was rather plain, consisting of wooden chairs and tables or of vinyl orange booths. I finally gave up looking for not-Owen and sat with some people I recognized.
No rhyme or reason, but I've gotten up again, and I wander through the restaurant and into a room through white swinging saloon doors into a mostly white room. The floor tiles are white. The tabletops are white, as is the old-fashioned drugstore countertop at my left. The stool cushions at the counter are white vinyl, as are the cushions on the more conventional chairs, but both have frames of shiny chrome. Anyway, there's not-Owen, sitting at one of the white tables, eating pancakes. I sort of try to explain/apologize, but the sight of the pancakes disgusts me.
As I leave the restaurant, I notice that the lines are even worse than when we got there. They're starting to get violent, too. Then I'm getting into a car at the front of the restaurant; my mom is driving. There are ten-foot-tall foo dogs guarding the front columns. She drives us around randomly for a while, and suddenly I'm in the back seat and Dad's in the front seat. Even in the dream, this sudden change confuses me. I come up with an explanation... something about not abandoning Dad to the chaos (not yet visible in the streets). Apparently we're trying to get out of town, to a safe spot.
I guess we didn't make it out of town, because next thing I remember, I'm investigating a sort of "cave": really a hollow between two rough, mortared basalt walls, There's enough of a hole in the frontmost wall that I can crawl through. I do so, and hide a half-full water bottle in there for later use. I hear it starting to rain, and immediately start trying to find something to catch the water; we'll need it later. Before I can crawl out and try and gather water, though, I hear a commotion just across the way from my hollow. From the noises, I can tell that a bunch of people are fighting, and conclude that they've found a food source of some kind. I peek out and see that they're fighting over an itty bitty sparrow.
*alarm clock goes off*

Analysis: Uh, mostly this seems to be a random assemblage. The restaurant is every Chinese restaurant I've ever been in rolled together and scaled up by a factor of ten or twenty, except for the little drugstore room. The next sequence is essentially the typical "try to escape the city but roads are too crowded" bit seen in most disaster movies. I suspect the last sequence was largely inspired by watching too much Survivor Man on the Discovery Channel. They put a guy in an extreme environment with limited supplies, and he gets to survive (and lug camera equipment) for 4-10 days, depending on the show (favorite lines: "Mmmmm, grasshopper," "Mmmmm, rat."). The basalt hollow might have been a reworking of the Mythbuster's frontier prison, though.

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