31 May 2007


Japanese Garden: as awesome as I remember it. Weird turn to get there.

Chinese Garden: interesting. Not as enjoyable as the Japanese garden, though all the architecture was quite beautiful. I just prefer the more rugged, wildness of the Japanese garden (Zen) to the ordered progression of the Chinese Garden (probably Confucian).

OMSI: randomly entertaining. Also, lots of good gifts for people found there.

Thai Mango: Not Mango Thai, not on McLoughlin, but quite tasty anyway.

For lunch, Mom had McDonald's and I had a random assortment of what I'd stuck in the cooler, plus a dinner salad from said McDonald's.

Tomorrow: Scappoose, then Newport.


kate said...

My parents and friend and I are also in Portland. We haven't gone to any gardens yet, but it might be on the agenda today, after the Saturday Market.

Qalmlea said...

Nice. I'd recommend the Japanese Gardens over the Chinese. Also, the Japanese gardens are right across from the Rose Garden. We just looked at the ones visible from the road, though.