15 June 2007

Concerning the Naming of Kittens

Grey female - Shanghai
Grey male - Pouncer
Noisy black female - Howler (inherited the name from her now-calmer brother)
Quieter black female - Zen Girl aka Zen Kitty
Black male - ?

Not enough obvious personality to give the black male a (new) name yet. Based on their behaviors and builds, I suspect the grey kittens and the black kittens have different fathers. Yes, kittens in the same litter can have different fathers.

Completely unrelated: Any television program that starts with a brilliant plan to solve the series' problems will inevitably end in some manner completely unforeseen by those who made the brilliant plan. (Stargate) Whether the ending is favorable to the planners or not ultimately depends on how close to the end of the season it is.


John said...

Yeah. Or the series get cancelled just when it's getting good (Firefly, Dark Angel).

Qalmlea said...

I have to say that I've really liked this season of Stargate, which makes me regret that it will be the last one. Apparently Atlantis was getting consistently better ratings, but I have only once made it through an entire episode of SG: Atlantis. I usually get bored and turn it off part-way through. Sometimes two minutes through.