18 June 2007

Two Drinks Under Par

This will not be a surprise to anyone who's read (and thought about) Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. The two authors may phrase the idea differently, but it's still there. People survive by maintaining (sometimes) useful delusions about the world that allow them to function. This probably explains the appeal of some of the more ridiculous religions.

One of my favorite examples from Terry Pratchett I used for my title. It describes Sam Vimes; he needs two drinks just to be sober and not see a lot of what's there. Another is Granny Weatherwax, able to see what's really there. There's also a lot of filtering, so the people don't go around staring in awe at all the wonders around them. This one may be helpful in allowing people to function, but I think it's also part of why so many people are miserable.

So, for my part, ponder this wonder: I stuck several quarter-inch round bits into the ground a month ago. Now they have magically metamorphosed into foot-high cornstalks! If you respond, "Yeah. That's what they do," then you're filtering out any actual thought process about the event.

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