06 June 2007

Random Observations

- kittens can hiccup; it's rather bizarre

- every time I've watered my yard this spring, there's been rain soon after. Right now we're actually getting drenched, drenched, drenched, drenched, drenched. It's very bizarre for Pocatello.

- magnesium helps the pain/stiffness in my ankle; calcium makes it worse (Cal-Mag has too much calcium and leans toward the 'worse' side)

- I planted two rows of carrots and two new rows of peas on Monday. The peas are in a shadier, cooler spot. Though today the whole garden's been shady and cool for the whole day.

- there seems to be a lawn chair buried in my office... that I don't really remember buying. Weird. I vaguely remember sitting in it, but not buying or using it.

- another Dahlia came up while I was gone; I think I planted four. Two are up and growing like mad. This one was either buried too deep or was sleeping for a while.

- I've now had two cats who seem to think their humans ought to be able to change the weather. Dovienya and Ji'e'toh both glare and grumble when the weather turns nasty.

- clearance items can be quite lovely ($200 table that I loved: on clearance for $50) The table has lots of storage, too. Two undershelves and a drawer.

- this list is getting long

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